black History in Two Minutes (or so)

Black History in Two Minutes (or so) is the new way to immerse yourself in Black History. The digital video series features dozens of short, engaging and factually accurate videos about important historical events or people who have shaped American history. Like never before, people of all ages, backgrounds and educational levels can learn more about the African American experience.

Launched in 2019 by visionary Executive Producer Robert F. Smith, who is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, the media platform has covered topics from the beginning of American history to the present day. To ensure historical accuracy, the episodes are well researched and narrated by renowned historian and Executive Producer, Henry Louis Gates Jr. Teaching guides for educators also accompany some of the episodes, affording teachers the ability to incorporate the information from the videos, and the videos themselves, into their lessons.

As an award-winning series, Black History in Two Minutes has received numerous accolades, including two Webby Awards in 2020, 2 more in 2021 and yet again, 1 more in 2022.

Check out some of the episodes for yourself below.

The Second Middle Passage | Black History in Two Minutes (or so)

The Second Middle Passage

As the United States began to expand, the demand for cotton led to an increase of slave trades in the country. Eager to capitalize, slave…

The Harlem Renaissance | Black History in Two Minutes

The Harlem Renaissance

With a Jim Crow south alive and well, many black Americans migrated north. This migration resulted in the formation of a creative urban hub…

The Red Summer | Black History in Two Minutes (or so)

The Red Summer

The events unfolding across the United States today in the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd, are an eerie repetition of events…

Father Divine

Father Divine

As the nation dealt with the darkness of the Great Depression, a Black leader by the name of Father Major Jealous Divine (Father Divine)…

Black Liberation and Womanist Theology

Black Liberation and Womanist Theology

James Cone, a highly regarded professor, preached about Black liberation at the center of the gospel. His elevated teaching not only…

The Woman's Club Movement

The Women’s Club Movement

Black women have been no stranger to organizing since America’s earliest inception. But it would be during the Reconstruction era that…